Big day for public lands

Today was a great day for public lands and conservation. Thanks ito the super-hard work of staff and volunteers, the Congress today passed stand-alone wilderness bills in Colorado (Hermosa), Montana (North Fork of the Flathead), New Mexico (Columbine-Hondo and Valles Caldera) and Nevada (Pine Forest).  

Earlier in the day, the Congress passed a bill that allows local communities in Oregon to grow and meet water needs while ensuring minimum flows in the Crooked River. TU staff and volunteers have worked on this collaborative effort since 2009. This is hugely significant for trout and salmon fisheries in the Crooked (and Deschutes) as well as for the future of western water management, generally.  

Let's hope today heralds in a new era of collaborative stewardship in Congress. Thanks to the TU volunteers, staff, and scientists who helped to make this happy day for fish and the possible.


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